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Celebrate Mardi Gras with Creative EdVentures Tonight March 8, 2011

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Tonight on In the Zone with Roberta Birnbaum Cohen and Cyn Gagen, we are celebrating Mardi Gras!  When Robi and I decide on these themes, we then go off into our own directions and decide for ourselves what we will be making without discussing it with one another.  It’s only a couple days before each show that we finally divulge what we’re doing so it’s always so much fun to see the different takes each of us have on the themes.  Of course, we think alike so often that sometimes there’s some overlap (as with tonight’s theme) but even then, we have our own unique styles coming into play.


If you’d like to see our show, a LIVE interactive webtv show that you can watch right from your computer, it takes place at 9 pm Eastern (8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific).  You can watch via a Facebook application OR if you’d prefer, you can simply go to this address on the web You don’t need a webcam to watch the show and take part in the chat but if you have one, you are most welcome to come on cam during the show and show us what you’ve been working on.  (no it does NOT have to be related to our theme!)


If you’re unable to attend the LIVE show, we do record them for future viewing but the chat, camaraderie, and friendships formed with other crafty people is so much fun that we hope you can make it!  Keep watching here for the link to the recording if you can’t join us tonight OR if you’d like to view it again for some details you might have missed.


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