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Win Birthday Blog Candy tonight!Decorables Greeting Cards and Art: March 24, 2011

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Decorables Greeting Cards and Art: Win Birthday Blog Candy tonight!.


In the Zone Monday March 21, 2011

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Monday’s In the Zone show theme was Penny Lane, the #1 Billboard hit for this week in 1967.  Boy oh boy, did we ever give ourselves a challenge in this theme but I think Robi and I really did a good job in pulling it off.  Robi made the cutest piggy bank while I went a slightly different direction with penny rugs.


Penny rugs were first made in the 1800s by thrifty women who tried to use up every little scrap they had at their disposal.  They would save wool and felt bits from coats, clothing, and blankets until they had enough to create penny rugs out of them.  They’re called penny rugs because pennies were often used as the tracing templates, being a size and shape that would get the most out of every bit.  These “rugs” that were created weren’t generally the kind of rugs you place on a floor but more often were decorative items for on shelves, beds, and even walls.  I made coasters!


Here’s a little more modern take on the penny rug.

If you missed the live show, here’s the playback link:


Today during Come2Chat Time!

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Today during our chat time, I shared a few of the background techniques that I love to use and referenced some of my favourite technique books.  The books I showed, which are pretty much my “bibles” as far as mixed media work goes, are:

Collage Discovery Workshop by Claudine Hellmuth

Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected by Claudine Hellmuth

Artist Trading Card Workshop by Bernie Berlin

Collage Unleashed by Traci Bautista

Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts


One of the techniques I showed today was a crackle method using Elmer’s glue.  The picture above is of the smaller crackle while the one below is of the larger crackle.


Both of these crackle methods are from Claudine Hellmuth’s Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected.


This is a peeled paint technique using Vaseline.  This one comes from Claudine’s Collage Discovery Workshop. (can you tell I’m a HUGE Claudine fan?  I get to go take some workshops from her IN PERSON in May!!!)


In the Budget March 22, 2011

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Last night was another In the Budget show on the Creative Edventures network.  In the Budget is a show hosted by Cyn Gagen which features budget friendly crafting ideas.  Last night’s theme was Easter.


The bunny candy cup is based on a design I saw in the most recent issue of Crafts and Things magazine.  The egg carton chick candy holder is from a design I saw on the following blog:


For the carrot favour box, I used a template from Mirkwood Designs: She used this template to make icicle favour boxes but by stamping and colouring it orange and adding some green yarn to hold it closed, it takes on a carrot appearance that’s perfect for Easter dinner table favours or in Easter baskets.


The crucifix is made from ordinary clothespins.


You can adapt this to make a standard cross without the figure on it as well.


This Spring/Easter wallhanging or door decoration is based on one that my daughter made when she was in Girl Guides many years ago.  I believe the original design came from Pack o Fun magazine.  It’s made from craft foam but can easily be done out of construction paper or cardboard.  I added some details to it with puff paints.

If you’d like to see the full craft demo’s, check out the playback link of the show:


I don’t have a show next Tuesday because I’ll be heading over to watch the amazing Andrea Currie on Craft-tastic Live  The following week, on April 5th, it’s In the Home and I’ll be sharing eco-friendly ideas for house cleaners with you.  Hope you can join me!


Come2Chat Challenge #2: Cardboard Classic March 22, 2011

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This past week’s challenge was to recycle some cardboard into something practical and useful.  Once again I’m blown away by the incredible creations people submitted for this.


Look what Fab came up with!  Is this not gorgeous???



Genelle submitted two items; first is this super cute coupon bag.


And then this adorable Spring sign!


Check out the amazing book that Leslie made based on a design by Wenche


Look at this incredible desk organizer that Amanda made, complete with drawer! She’ll be demo’ing a super cool paint technique on this on her show this Thursday, In the Paintbox with Amanda Marks on the Creative EdVentures channel, at noon Eastern.

I went a slightly different direction.  I have a BIG stack of these file folders sitting around – they are too big for my filing cabinet and some have been lightly used, so I’ve been upcycling them into my projects.  In my classroom, I would make tons of games in file folders for my students to place in our various learning centers around the room.  It was something that they could easily carry to a table or their desks and didn’t take up much room to store.  They were also inexpensive and easy to make and so I could have a big variety of them on hand.


Here is the Nine Men’s Morris game I made from one of the file folders, some scraps of scrapbooking paper, and some scraps of ribbon.  I punched the game tokens out of scraps of scrapbooking paper that I glued to scraps of cereal box cardboard to make them a bit sturdier.

Now…..drumroll………………….for our new challenge, Disc-o Party (thanks Leslie for the great name!) due Monday, March 28th (preferably by noon so we can share them during chat time!):  I propose that you create something out of old CDs, DVDs, cases from CDs or DVDs, or old floppy disks that is for a party.  It can be any aspect of the party that you wish as long as it’s party themed.  And…….GO!!!!


Creative EdVentures Crafty Chat Times March 20, 2011

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On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Noon Eastern (11 Central, 10 Mountain, 9 Pacific), Creative EdVentures has started opening up our chat room for casual times where we invite all of you to Come2Chat with us! These are casual times where in general, we don’t plan any demo’s ahead of time; we simply open up our studios to show you what we’re working on at the time.  We encourage chit chat – talk about what we’re working on or talk about whatever’s on your mind at the moment!  If you have a webcam, you’re welcome to come into the speaker’s box and show us what you’re working on as well but if not, just sit back and enjoy!  No webcam is needed for you to watch and participate in the text chat.


On Wednesdays, our dear Fabrizio has started a new feature during these chat times.  He is using The Scrapbooker’s Creativity Kit by Claudine Hellmuth ( which contains inspiration cards that are sorted by colour and word.  Fab draws a couple of cards from this kit and this serves as the inspiration and direction for a greeting card that he completes during the one hour chat time.  It’s so much fun to watch a complete greeting card come together right before our eyes and we learn so many great useful tips that we can apply to creating our own cards!  The picture above is of the card that Fab created this past Wednesday.


Here’s the progress on the art piece I’ve been working on during the chat times.  This is (or perhaps was) a picture of my dog that I’ve been altering and blinging.  She now has some alcohol inks, glitter, and flocking added to her body.  I built up the nose area with crumpled tissue paper and then a thick bodied paint applied with a toothpick.  I scratched on some thin black paint around her eye area and then blobbed on some Tim Holtz Distress Crackle paint (which I have the worst luck with – I think the key is to never buy it in winter) just above her nose.  As predicted, my daughter thinks this piece is “strange”. On Monday, as requested, I’m going to show the crackle technique that uses white glue as well as a few other quick paint techniques that I love to use.  Hope you can join us!


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner March 19, 2011

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Ok well, you didn’t actually win a chicken dinner but you did win a package of assorted crafting supplies!  And the winner is………………….


BAMBI!!!!!!!!!  Please send me your mailing address and I’ll get the package sent out next week!